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March 31, 2016

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Can We Win the War on Terror?
The heinous acts by Terrorist groups are taking a toll on everyone across the globe. Whether it's in Belgium, Paris, Pakistan, Africa or even here in the US, the War on Terror seems impossible to win....or is it? The U.S. has done a great job of taking out key leaders of ISIS, but is it enough? We've seen the training videos showing the next generation of ISIS leaders. Scores of young kids with all kinds of weapons and ammunition getting ready to be the next leader of ISIS.
This week on OnPoint how do we band together with nations across the globe to defeat terrorism? It seems like they're winning or is that just what they want you to think?

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This week on the TV show
Fair Housing in South Carolina. It's the law.
April is Fair Housing Month. Fair Housing is a legal right that applies to most types of housing and protects certain classes of individuals from discrimination in the sale and rental of housing, real estate brokerage, and lending and other housing related services.
Well, every year scores of complaints are filed with Housing and Urban Development offices around the country from people who say they were denied access to fair housing based on their nationality, gender, disability, religion, income and race-- and that's illegal.
In fact, the Fair Housing rights and protections are provided out of the United States Fair Housing Act of 1968, other applicable federal laws, executive orders and regulations, and comparable state laws like the South Carolina Fair Housing Act. Enforcement is provided by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development and the US Department of Justice, and in South Carolina by the state Human Affairs Commission.
During the month of April, a host of activities and advocacy efforts are planned to help people understand their rights and also to help guard against unscrupulous activity that might undermine those rights.
This week on OnPoint on WACH Fair Housing in South Carolina. It's the law.

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Famously Hot Columbia Has It Going On!

A recent study by the U.S. News and World Report ranked Columbia in the top "50 Best Places to Live." That's a first for the Famously Hot! capital city and the accolades don't stop there. 

The Richland County Public Library and Columbia Museum of Art are 2016 finalists for the National Medal for Museum and Library Service.  WalletHub named Columbia one of the top ten best midsize cities for sports fans which is great news for the new Spirit Communications Ball Park.  And the Colonial Life Arena ranks third in the nation's highest grossing university arenas for 2015 according to the magazine Venues Today

This week on OnPoint on WACH, it's all good news for economic development and regional growth in the Midlands because Columbia has it going on!

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Fraud & Child Support 
When it comes to men and their kids, not all are deadbeats. Many are hard working fathers who will do anything to help support their children even if it's through the court system.  Some work multiple jobs, sometimes even long hours to make those child support payments so their kids will have food on the table. But, what about the men who are being duped in the system by paying child support for years to later find out the kids are not theirs? Can you imagine paying thousands of dollars for years simply because the mother said You Are The Father! Should women who falsely claim men are fathers of their children and collect years of child support be charged with fraud? Should they have to pay that money back? Many people say YES! 

This week on OnPoint with Cynthia Hardy we'll tackle the issue of fraudulent child support and ask if there should be mandatory DNA tests on every child born, regardless if the parents are married or not?  


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