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January 18, 2015

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South Carolina's Troubled Foster Care 

 Program Faces New Challenges 

Child-welfare activists have filed a lawsuit in federal court claiming that widespread deficiencies in South Carolina's Foster Care  system have endangered thousands of children.

 Eleven foster care children were listed as plaintiffs in the lawsuit, filed in Federal District Court in Charleston. The lawsuit cited three "specific unaddressed deficiencies" in SC's foster care network: overwhelming caseloads for employees, poor health care services for South Carolina's wards and a scarcity of foster homes. According to the lawsuit, "South Carolina D.S.S. is re-victimizing the very children it is charged to protect."

In a prepared statement, the Department of Social Services has said it would "fully evaluate the claims and respond in an appropriate forum." It also said the agency's employees were"completely dedicated and work hard every day to ensure that children in foster care receive the care that meets their individual needs."

This week on the TV show we'll hear from a group involved in the suit and we will take a closer look at what's behind big increases in the number of children who end up in foster care.



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A Black Woman's Great Debate: 

Relaxed or Natural Hair?

 As more and more Black women discover the beauty of their naturally kinky hair, the riff between relaxed and natural women of Color is growing.  Imagine that.

 While some natural ladies feel as if women who choose to relax their hair are betraying their African roots, some relaxed ladies feel that they are constantly under attack by the naturals over their choice to process their hair.  In some instances, women who prefer natural styling are at times frowned upon by relaxed women who sometimes jeer at their hair texture referring to it as nappy or rough and too ethnic.

No one can argue the fact that natural hair is very popular right now. Many Black women, are putting the perms and hot combs down, getting rid of their weaves and going natural-- wearing cropped hair, curly fros, & kinky twists.

This week on the radio show, we'll take a trip down memory lane as we look at Black women's hair over the years and why so many are going back to their roots.


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This week on the TV show
  OnPoint! on WACH
Teen Jobs: So Much More Than A Pay Check.


After several years of decline, teen employment appears to be improving, according to a recent report that tracks labor force issues. Employment among teenagers aged 16 to 19 rose significantly in May, the largest such gain for the month in eight years. That's good news to a host of people because in recent years many teens have been overlooked --edged out by recent college grads and adults displaced from traditional employment.

But even though the teen employment picture is improving a host of Midlands teens are still looking for jobs and this week we bring in the areas' foremost authorities on teen jobs in the Midlands to help. This week on OnPoint on WACH Teen Jobs: So Much More Than A Pay Check.


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Breast Cancer: I will survive!

 Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women. As a matter of fact, according to The National Breast Cancer Foundation, one in eight women will be diagnosed with the disease in their lifetime. But guess what? Just because you've been diagnosed that doesn't mean your life is over. Thanks to improvements in areas of medical diagnosis and treatment women are living through this once very deadly disease.

This week on OnPoint we introduce you to four fabulous women who say the party ain't over and the fat lady ain't singing yet! Meet Ann Boyd, Dru Federick, Sandra Golden-Brown, and Adrienne Gee. Not only are they winning this battle, they will inspire you to win too!


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Radio Show

Why the Donald Sterling Siutation is About So Much More Than Race

LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling made racists remarks about blacks in a conversation with his mistress that he assumed was private. Sterling was unaware that V. Stiviano was recording the conversation that was later leaked to the media. That led the NBA to ban Sterling from NBA activity for life and fine him $2.5 million dollars. Efforts are underway to force him to sell the team.

Everyone agrees the 80-something year old’s racist remarks were wrong. But, likewise, is it fair to record someone without their knowledge and release that recording without their consent? No doubt, Sterling would have responded differently if he knew he was being recorded..

How often do people make racist remarks in private situations, that they’d never say publicly—especially during intimate conversations. This week on the radio show, when private and personal pillow talk becomes public.

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Television Show

South Carolina DSS: Number of Children in the System Decrease; Deaths Increase

The South Carolina Department of Social Services has come under fire for allegedly failing to adequately supervise cases involving child abuse and neglect. Highly-publicized cases of DSS-supervised children dying or being injured have been in the news for the past several weeks. A host of legislative hearings followed and a growing number of lawmakers and others are calling for the resignation of DSS Executive Director Lillian Koller.

Koller—a Governor Haley appointee has ignored those detractors and instead points to agency successes such as increases in adoptions, and decreases in the number of kids in the state system.

This week on the TV show-- Since the current administration took over at the agency, the number of kids in DSS custody has declined significantly, but is the potential price of that change children not getting the help they need?


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