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Village at River's Edge to be Completed; Carolina Panther's Captain and Defensive End, 

Charles Johnson is Key Investor


Charles Johnson is an undeniable leader for the NFL's Carolina Panthers. On the field, as team Captain,  his teammates call Johnson the 'heart' of the team who 'sets the tone' for the other players because of his work ethic. Off the field, his foundation provides meaningful opportunities for hundreds of youth and single moms in disenfranchised communities.


It was the opportunity to do the same at Village at River's Edge in Columbia, SC that led Johnson to invest and partner with Chamire Holdings Llc to complete the fledgling project. Not only will new town homes be built, but a community center is planned, as well. Groundbreaking for the next phase is schedule later this month.


This week on the Radio show, Giving Back and Making it Count. Carolina Panthers Charles Johnson and other philanthropic member of the NFL team will join us in-studio. 
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All It Takes for Evil to Win is for Good Men to Do Nothing:

Everyone Shares Responsibility for Bridging the Racial Divide & Hate Speech Doesn't Help


"All it takes for evil to win is for good men to do nothing." Of course, I'm paraphrasing a famous quote that's been used by historic figures for hundreds of years. Fast forward to 2015 South Carolina and it takes on new meaning especially considering the hate speech coming from the KKK, or threats of violence from the New Black Panther Party. or death threats to lawmakers debating the flag's removal.


On the heels of the Church Massacre of the Emanuel 9 in Charleston, many South Carolinians are determined to not let hate win, but rather to seek commonalities among people where mostly differences were seen in the past. Here are some comments I've heard recently:


From a White Friend: We, (White people) should speak up more when they see racial discrimination, that way it doesn't just seem like Black people complaining, crying wolf and playing the race card all the time.

 From a Black Friend: We (Black people) should not paint all White people with the same broad brush--often wrongly assuming racism-- when it's not the case.


This week on OnPoint ----All It Takes for Evil to Win is for Good Men to Do Nothing. Why Everyone Shares Responsibility for Bridging the Racial Divide & Hate Speech Doesn't Help.


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South Carolina's Stars & Bars

Can This Formerly Decisive Symbol Actually be Unifying Us in 2015?


State police are investigating a number of death threats against South Carolina lawmakers debating whether the Confederate flag should stay on the Statehouse grounds. Chief Mark Keel said the State Law Enforcement Division is working with various law enforcement agencies to investigate the threats..


While the flag debate brings out the worst in some, it's bringing out the best in many others-- on both sides. Hundreds of thousands from across the county have signed a petition to support its relocation. Many Whites admit, they are trying harder to understand how Blacks feel. Likewise, many Blacks are realizing flag supporters aren't all racists. In fact, most, are not.


Perhaps even BIGGER than the differences that kept the flag flying is the massive wave of RACIAL COOPERATION that is bringing it down. How's that for irony? That which drove us apart has collectively been the thing that is bringing people closer together. 

This week on OnPoint on WACH----South Carolina's Stars & Bars. Can This Formerly Decisive Symbol Actually be Unifying Us in 2015?



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Summer Youth Activities:

Why What Your Child Does During the Summer is So Important

Summer programs for youth can be transformative. Many help youth develop social skills, leadership skills, greater knowledge of themselves, and foster friendships with peers. With youth on summer break, parents are looking for activities that are fun, but also offer opportunities to develop character strengths, skills, and abilities that will last a lifetime.

When young people have opportunities for leadership, higher levels of understanding, and friendship, it can help them navigate their growth and development in ways that advance their skills and feel good about themselves. But for parents, finding meaningful programs can be challenging. There are many choices, including sports camps, arts programs, leadership activities and volunteering. Finding the perfect fit is important. We want to help parents with that on this OnPoint episode.


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Influx of Investment Fueling Unprecedented Growth


Reportedly, over the last four years alone downtown columbia and the trendy nearby retail district, the Congaree Vista have seen in upwards of 1.2 billion dollars in investments and economic development. That doesn't include the  Innovista Green Street project, a major project that will attract both new business and new residents to the entire region. They broke ground last week.


Spirit Communications Park, currently under construction, is also expected to breath life into an area previously home to state agencies, government offices and a mental health hospital. When completed, it's expected to


Add to that all of the existing downtown and vista residential properties and those currently underway, and it's easy to see why so many people are both excited and optimistic about the current growth trajectory, not just for Columbia, but for neighboring municipalities as well.


This week on OnPoint on WACH we look at how the influx of investment in Columbia's city center is good news for the entire region. 






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